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Creationz of the H'Art

Hand Fans w/Case

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Stay cool and stylish on the go with our personalized foldable hand fans! Whether you're attending outdoor events, enjoying a sunny day at the beach, or simply need a quick breeze, these foldable fans are the perfect companion.

Imagine having your very own hand fan with a design that speaks to your personality and interests. With our wide range of customizable options, you can choose from motivational quotes, inspiring images, or even add your name for that personal touch. It's like carrying a piece of your uniqueness wherever you go!

But wait, you might wonder, "Why should I choose a personalized hand fan?"

Well, let us tell you - these foldable hand fans not only keep you feeling refreshed, but they also make fantastic gifts for your loved ones! Show your friends and family how much you care by gifting them a fan that reflects their passions and preferences. They are great keepsakes for birthdays, graduations, memorials, business branding, and other celebrations. Plus, they're compact and lightweight, making them super easy to carry around in your bag or pocket.

So, why wait? Beat the heat in style and stand out from the crowd with your own personalized foldable hand fan. Get ready to breeze through those sunny days with a smile on your face and a one-of-a-kind fan in your hand!

These fans can be used to celebrate any occasion: birthday, graduation, brand your business or memorial keepsake. Keep cool in church or anywhere you need. 

  • Approximately 10" round
  • Black Trim
  • 100% Polyester
  • Case included
  • Can be personalized with name for additional cost